Investor Focused Deals

Passive income through Private Equity, Multifamily Apartment Buildings, Senior Living Real Estate, and Bitcoin Mining Investments

Our Core Focus

Why Touzi?

Passive Income through Private Equity, Multifamily Apartment Buildings, Senior Living Real Estate, and Bitcoin Mining Investments

High Yield Cash Flow.

Fixed Income

Cash Flow


Bitcoin Yield


Monthly Income

We strive for high yield double digit cash flow with monthly payments to provide strong passive income to our investors. We’ve offered many investments providing 12% annual returns with a predictable 1% per month return for investors.

Tax Advantaged Investments.

Our investments are often structured to provide significant tax-efficient strategies through depreciation and other methods. We provide capital gains deferment through our Opportunity Zone investments. Some of our investments are also 1031 exchange eligible.

Diversified Offerings.

We’re investors first and we invest in each of our own deals. We believe in a diversified portfolio with exposure to Multifamily, Senior Living, Private Equity, & Bitcoin investments.

our investments

We are an investor-first partnership

that leverages technology and data-driven methods to source the best deals and to make the investing process simple for you.

Private Equity

Our Investors have access to investments like SpaceX, Impossible Foods, consumer debt receivables and other private equity investments.

Real Estate

Our Investors invest with us in high yield real estate assets with a focus on Multifamily and Senior Living communities.

Blockchain Data Centers

Our Investors have access to large scale Bitcoin Mining and Blockchain data center investments providing out-sized returns.

Our Portfolio

Grocers warehouse,

kansas City MO | 7.1M 10%

Cash on cash | 18% IRR

Jacksonville OZ

Jacksonville, FL | Opportunity Zone

12-16% Cash on Cash

Grocers Warehouse

Kansas City, MO | Mixed Use

9% Cash on cash | 18% IRR

Maple Haven

Atlanta, GA | 164 Unit Multifamily

8% Cash on Cash | 18% IRR

Grand Royale

Kansas City, MO | Senior Living

12% Cash on cash

Independence Three

Kansas City, MO | 426-Unit Multifamily

8% Cash on cash | 20% IRR

Dundee Senior Living

Dundee, MI | Assisted Living

12% Cash on Cash | 1031 Exchange

Merrit Island SL

Merrit Island, FL |  Assisted Living

17% Annualized Returns

Bitcoin Mining

Various States, USA | 5000+ Miners

4-6% Monthly Cash Flow

Woodhaven SL

Woodhaven, MI | Assisted Living

12% Cash on Cash | 1031 Exchange

Independence Towers

Kansas City MO | 123-unit Multifamily

Cash on cash | 18% IRR

The thing I like the most about investing with Touzi is that they provide advice beyond just their investments.  They really helped me with building a strong diversified portfolio and explained all the tax strategies that I was missing out on!

Srinivas P

I really liked Touzi Capital’s approach to real estate investing.  They zig while everyone else is zagging and they understand strong business fundamentals. They don’t follow the herd and buy overpriced properties in cyclical markets—they really know their stuff!

Long T

Investing in Touzi Capital has been an amazing experience. I have learned so much more about commercial real estate investing and I know the guys at Touzi are experts at what they do. They provided me so much value beyond high yields!

Dmitri K