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What is an Opportunity Zone?

The longer an investor leaves their capital gains in an opportunity fund, the greater the tax savings.

Why Are Private Markets A Big Deal?

The key takeaway is that although you have the potential to lose more money in the private markets, you can also make significantly more than in the public markets where there isn’t much variance in the form of returns.

Low-Tech Investments for High-Tech Investors

In an asset class like passive real estate investing where diversification can be accomplished across multiple variables, the true aim of diversification - protecting income - is more attainable with real estate than on Wall Street.

Why Fixed Income Should be Part of Your Portfolio

The ideal investment portfolio should generate income to meet current needs as well as preserve and grow wealth for future needs and future generations.

There is Never a Bad Time to Include Fixed-Income in an Investment Portfolio

Besides guaranteed returns, private debt offers the additional advantage of security by providing private debt holders with a priority of claims over equity holders in a liquidation if a business goes south.

Preferred Returns vs Cash on Cash

The difference between the preferred return and the cash-on-cash return are the profits. The preferred return remains the same throughout the hold period. The cash-on-cash year deviates...

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